What is Fashion Battle in Hublix?

Fashion Battle is an exciting activity where 3 to 5 players compete to create fashionable outfits based on a given theme. It's a chance to showcase style, creativity, and fashion sense.


How does the game progress?

Fashion Battle follows these steps:

  1. Theme Selection: Players receive a theme and customize their avatars accordingly.

  2. Backstage Preparation: Players have 2 minutes to customize their avatars with clothes, accessories, and more. All customization options are available.

  3. Time Completion Bonus: Players earn extra points based on how quickly they complete their avatar customization.

  4. Runway Showcase:  After the backstage preparation, the runway show begins. Avatars are presented in alphabetical order, and participants rate outfits using a 5-star system.

  5. Strike a Pose: Each player strikes a pose to showcase their outfit.

  6. Winner Determination: The player with the highest average rating, considering stars and completion time, wins the Fashion Battle.


Can I interact with other players during Fashion Battle?

Yes! You can chat with other players, browse their profiles, and send messages. It's a great way to connect with fashion enthusiasts in Hublix.